Thank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment with me! I’m currently using this form to manage requests for appointments. Filling out this form as accurately as possible will ensure I’ll be able to discuss your ideas and provide more info on booking.

All of my work takes a long time to prepare, it’s very precise and focuses more on attention to detail. Do not ASSUME your tattoo is finished just because it looks finished when done. Everyone loses some ink, every Large scale session needs a follow up session for the most part. Some people heal bad. Some people heal great. Every Human is Different. I try to make the tattoo look as best as I possibly can. This costs money but in the end, this is permanent and is worth every bit of it.

I don’t do many cover ups... Only on very specific occasions if I feel comfortable in taking on the project. Just ask!

I am doing almost all styles, but my main focus is neo-traditional projects.

Because of my extensive schedule and work load I don’t have the time to prepare each tattoo's final artwork far in advance. You will see the basic conceptual drawing ahead of your session, any changes will be done on the day of your tattoo.

If you wish to have a direct consultation please just ask.


I recommend CASH on the day of your tattoo, or Western Union transfer a couple of days prior to your session.

I have a 2 hr minimum and base prices at $75 an hour... At 8 hrs, I charge my day at $600.

I require a non refundable deposit of $100. Once you fill in the booking form, make sure to add your email address so I can email a payment request your way, which you can settle by visiting my studio or Western Union transfer. When you send the Western Union payment just reply to our thread of emails again so I can confirm I received it and book a slot.

You have 48 hrs from the date it’s scheduled to reschedule your tattoo or you lose your deposit and must repay another. If you cancel, you lose your deposit.


Big projects require a $500 deposit. This $500 comes off the price on the very last session.

All sleeves begin with a rough outline of the entire arm, leg etc... Then each session is worked on in sections… or if preferred I will do it piece by piece if you cannot commit to every 3-4 weeks sessions.

I will commit 100% to the concept, the time preparing the artwork, and booking the slots. This means you will be 100% committed to being at your appointments on time.