Tattoo Session (Downpayment)

Tattoo Session (Downpayment)

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Thank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment with me!


1$ = LBP1500
I recommend CASH on the day of your tattoo!

I have a 2 hr minimum and base price at USD 75 an hour... At 8 hrs, I charge my day at USD 600.

I require a non refundable deposit of USD 150. Once you issue the money order or online payment, make sure to email me a picture of the receipt, include your concept and a picture of the location on your body.

You have 48 hrs from the date it’s scheduled to reschedule your tattoo or you lose your deposit.


Big projects require a USD 600 deposit. This amount comes off the price on the very last session.

All sleeves begin with a rough outline of the entire arm, leg etc... Then each session is worked on in sections… or if preferred I will do it piece by piece if you cannot commit to every 3-4 weeks sessions.

I will commit 100% to the concept, the time preparing the artwork, and booking the slots. This means you will be 100% committed to being at your appointments on time.